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I think it is time to do this… too many people are saying, “How do we fight back against the corruption of the Missouri Department of Conservation, the bullying of innocent people by some agents who lie, steal and plant evidence that allows them to come into homes and violate the law. Sometime this year I will publish this book, which will name some names and tell the blind supporters f he MDC what they do not know, and how the MDC keeps it hidden by controlling the state’s media. I will make it available free of charge… but I need help. It will cost a lot of money to print it, and get a copy to each state legislator. MDC will tell everyone I am doing it to make money…but this will cost me thousands, and I am glad to pay it. If you would like to help pay some of the printing cost to Corning Printing out of AR, you can make a donation for this purpose to: LROJ BOOKS-CORNING PRINTING ACCT., BOX 22, BOLIVAR, MO 65613. We will place it in a special account, which I cannot draw from. Every two dollars we get will print a book. I’ll get no money for this effort. Every donation will make it possible to get the book into the hands of people who think the MDC is a wonder agency. This book will hopefully change their minds. After it is published, we will reform an organization of people who are fed up and want to fight back. We need a thousand members to start making a difference. Contact me to help get the book finished and circulated, and please spread this to your friends.